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Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Specialty, Toller Show

Sunday 14.8.2022
Organizer: Novascotiannoutajat ry

Place: Tuorlan Majatalo, Kaarina, Western Finland near Turku
Address: Tuorlantie 1 E 21500 KAARINA 

There is possibility to book accommodation in Tuorlan Majatalo. Reservations directly with
Tuorlan Majatalo.

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All the official classes are going to be judged in the Show (junior, intermediate, open, working,
champion and veteran classes). Also unofficial puppy classes (5 - under 7 months and 7 - under 9
months), progeny class, breeder class, X-class and brace class. 

There's many challenge cup -prizes in the Show, but those cannot be exported outside Finland.

The judging begins at 10.00 (or at 9.00 if the amount of dogs that requires).


  • bitches, except juniors: Paula Rekiranta, Finland
  • males, except juniors: Henric Fryckstrand, Sweden
  • puppies, juniors and X-class: Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, Finland
  • reserv-judge for all the classes Erja Nummi, Finland

Final competitions:

  • Best working class dog, best puppy, best junior, best X-class dog: Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki
  • Best brace, best movements, best veteran, best progeny group: Paula Rekiranta
  • Best head and expression, Paapan patsas (= best over 10 years old veteran or x-class dog), best breeder group, BIS: Henric Fryckstrand

Entries by 12.7.2022

Showlink Online-record system and online critiques are in use at the Toller Show.

Entry should be made and paid directly through Showlink registration system. 

Detailed entry information:

  • To official classes, unofficial puppy classes, progeny class and breeder class through Showlink system
  • To unofficial x-class and brace class: contact and you get entry instructions! 

To x-class are welcome all those dogs that have a disqualificating fault, just as castrated males,
despite their previous show results.

Brace class is intended for two dogs, as similar as possible, same or different sex. Both dogs are handled by the same handler at the same time. 

If you make an entry to several dogs and among them is also dogs participating x-class or brace
class you should also do as informed on the instruction above.

Entry fees:

1st dog34 €
2nd dog of the same owner etc.30 €
puppies and veterans27 €
X-class10 €
over 10 years old veterans (in veteran or X-class)free

breeder, progeny and brace class



Inquiries by email:

When registering for a show, the exhibitor undertakes to comply with the valid show rules and vaccination regulations of the Finnish Kennel Club.

The anti-doping rules approved by the Board of the Finnish Kennel Club since 1 January 2013. Doping control applies to all shows, competitions and tests awarded by the Finnish Kennel Club. Link


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